We only use frame tents which have a cable system holding up the center pole 8 feet

above the ground; not getting in the way of your guests. The only poles you see are on the perimeter of the tent, these tents can be placed anywhere, including a deck, patio or grass area. 

Our 20` x 20` High Peak tents will accommodate up to 40 people.

Our 20` x 30` High Peak & 20` x 40` High Peak can hold 60 and 80 people respectively.

A 35` x 35` Hexagon High Peak Tent can hold 90-120 people.

We also carry 20` x 30` and 20` x 40` rectangular frame tents.

These tent will hold will hold from 60 -80 people.

All of our tents are versatile and can be attached to each other to add more space

for your needs. In fact we worked with 2 other companies and put one tent 20` x 440`in a

U-shape for a bike-a-thon for the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 

If the weather is not cooperating; we can use a gutter system that will keep the rain out of the party area; side walls and heaters are also available; keeping your guests warm and dry.

Tent Packages come with Tables, Chairs & Lighting. Cloth linen is also available.

Our goal is to make every customer completely satisfied.